Wook Lee

BBVA Enrollment Simplification

In order to encourage a younger, more tech-savvy generation to open bank accounts, BBVA sought out a new way of approaching a currently inconvenient, and lengthy enrollment process. Beyond a simple mobile app, they were seeking to rethink the entire way people enroll.


-Interaction Modeling
-Visual Design
-User Flows


Having experimented and identified several innovative ways to make enrollment easier through use user profiles, my key activity was in creating wireframes for all the necessary screens a user would have to interact with, in any given scenario.

Doing this first involved creating an information architecture diagram to understand the exact steps users would have to take to achieve their goal.


Once I gained a comprehensive understanding of the entire system, I could start experimenting with different mental models for interacting with these different steps. At this point I started playing around with different styles and interactions- thinking of how the visuals could reinforce the experience.

I was focused on creating an experience that would instill a sense of reliability and legitimacy, all while ensuring a sense of progress and ease. One of my complaints with enrollment processes of any kind is the inability to know exactly how many steps it will take for me to complete the process and where in the process I currently am.

Final Design

The final design featured a consistent blue gradient to reinforce BBVA's branding. Furthermore, the gradient serves as a subtle indicator of progress. Throughout the entire enrollment process, the focus is on guiding the user through every step.

When going through the list of steps necessary to complete enrollment, users can actually see the screen subtly get darker as an indication of progress. Every part of the process was designed with thought to eliminate the annoyance of feeling lost within enrollment.